Saturday, April 15, 2017

Western World Insurance finally pays up

A word from the blog site owner: 

In blogosphere terms this is a relatively old blog. 

All the fireworks are over and there will be no new updates unless something 'newsworthy' about this issue comes up. 

The material is good historically as just about everything I could find on the issue was copied and posted here. So if you are interested in the topic it is all awaiting your review.



While this can be put into the 'win' column for the insured consumer if falls $54,000 short of what was claimed. The insured spent many months in litigation and ran up a $17,000 legal bill in fighting this 3rd rate, bottom feeding insurance company.

This should serve as a stern warning to all those using Western World Insurance or one of the spins offs* that if you should have a claim with them you are going to have a problem getting it paid. 

Expect to have to run up thousands in legal bills, and as the insured here found you will be hounded for materials that you have already provided several time already and eventually you will have your claim denied.

I suggest that you check your business insurance policy and if it is Western World or a spin off of theirs you should consider writing with a better agency.

* writes insurance under the names: Stratford, Westco, and Tudor.